Weavers (Ploceidae)

Northern Brown-throated Weaver (Ploceus castanops) - HBW 15, p. 162

French: Tisserin à gorge noire German: Riedweber Spanish: Tejedor Gorjipardo Norteño
Other common names: Brown-throated/Uganda Weaver; Victoria Masked Weaver, Entebbe/Lake Victoria Weaver (presumed hybrid with P. melanocephalus)

Taxonomy: Ploceus castanops Shelley, 1888, Wadelai, close to Sudan border, north Uganda.
Has been thought to form a superspecies with P. xanthopterus, but such a relationship now considered unlikely. May hybridize with P. melanocephalus or P. jacksoni in Uganda; both sight records and specimens of probable hybrids exist, and hybrid was previously described as a separate species, P. victoriae. Monotypic.

Distribution: NE DRCongo, Rwanda, N Burundi, Uganda (except E), W Kenya and NW Tanzania.

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