Broadbills (Eurylaimidae)

Mindanao Wattled Broadbill (Sarcophanops steerii) - HBW 8, p. 91

French: Eurylaime de Steere German: Graurücken-Breitrachen Spanish: Eurilaimo de Mindanao
Other common names: Steere’s/Mindanao Broadbill; Wattled Broadbill (when lumped with S.samarensis)

Taxonomy: Eurylæmus Steerii Sharpe, 1876, Basilan, Philippines.
Genus often merged into Eurylaimus, but significant morphological differences. At the same time was considered conspecific with S. samarensis, but the two differ strikingly in plumage coloration and better treated as forming a superspecies. Race mayri possibly not always separable from nominate; further study needed. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • steerii (Sharpe, 1876) - SW Mindanao (Zamboanga Peninsula), Malamaui and Basilan, in Philippines.
  • mayri (Salomonsen, 1953) - Dinagat, Poneas, Siargao and C, S & E Mindanao.

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