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Cardinals (Cardinalidae)

Masked Saltator (Saltator cinctus) - HBW 16, p. 419

French: Saltator masqué German: Maskensaltator Spanish: Pepitero Enmascarado

Taxonomy: Saltator cinctus J. T. Zimmer, 1943, Cutucú, 2000 m, near Macas, Zamora, Ecuador.
Affiliations of genus uncertain; recent molecular-genetic analyses indicate that it does not belong with present family, and may be better placed with tanagers (Thraupidae). Colombian populations of present species seem to exhibit constant differences in plumage and bill colour from those in rest of range, and may represent a separate taxon; further study required. Currently treated as monotypic.

Distribution: Several, apparently disjunct populations: in Colombia on both slopes of C Andes in Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío and Tolima, in Valle de Cauca, Parques Regionales Ucumán and La Vereda Canoas and Reserve Patasola; in Ecuador at scattered locations in W Napo, W Morona-Santiago, Zamora-Chinchipe and S Loja; and in Peru in E Piura, Cajamarca, San Martín and Huánuco.