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Honeyeaters (Meliphagidae)

Mao (Gymnomyza samoensis) - HBW 13, p. 670

French: Méliphage mao German: Maohonigfresser Spanish: Mielero Mao
Other common names: Black-breasted/Mao Honeyeater

Taxonomy: Merops samoensis Hombron and Jacquinot, 1841, Upolu, Samoa.
Relationships not known; formerly placed in genus Leptornis or Amoromyza, both now defunct, and has been suggested as being closest to Melidectes. Few specimens from American Samoa (Tutuila; now extinct) on average slightly larger and somewhat darker, especially on head, than other populations, but differences too trivial to warrant naming of geographical races. Monotypic.

Distribution: Savai’i and Upolu, in Samoa.