Old World Warblers (Sylviidae)

Madagascan Grassbird (Amphilais seebohmi) - HBW 11, p. 577

French: Amphilaïs tachetée German: Madagaskargrassänger Spanish: Yerbera Malgache
Other common names: Grey/Seebohm's Emu-tail, Feather-tailed Warbler

Taxonomy: Dromaeocercus seebohmi Sharpe, 1879, near Antananarivo, Madagascar.
Formerly included in genus Dromaeocercus on account of similarity of tail structure to that of D. brunneus; other morphological features, however, suggest affinity with grassbird subfamily Megalurinae, rather than with bush-warblers subfamily Acrocephalinae. Monotypic.

Distribution: Mountains of E Madagascar.

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