Honeyguides (Indicatoridae)

Lyre-tailed Honeyguide (Melichneutes robustus) - HBW 7, p. 294

French: Indicateur à queue en lyre German: Leierschwanz-Honiganzeiger Spanish: Indicador Lira

Taxonomy: Melignomon robustus Bates, 1909, Bitye, River Dja, Cameroon.
Closely related to Indicator, wherein perhaps closest to I. indicator, but separated generically on basis of unique tail and undertail-coverts, as well as voice and behaviour. Monotypic.

Distribution: Disjunctly from Sierra Leone and Guinea E to S Cameroon, SE Central African Republic, N Zaire and SW Uganda, S to N Angola and SC & E Zaire.

  • Least Concern
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