Gulls (Laridae)

Kelp Gull (Larus dominicanus) - HBW 3, p. 607

French: Goéland dominicain German: Dominikanermöwe Spanish: Gaviota Cocinera
Other common names: Dominican Gull (New Zealand), Southern Black-backed Gull (Africa, Australia)

Taxonomy: Larus dominicanus Lichtenstein, 1823, coasts of Brazil.
South Shetlands population formerly separated as austrinus, but matched by birds elsewhere in S of range. Some authors give subspecific status to South African population, race vetula, based mainly on its mottled brown iris. Monotypic.

Distribution: S Africa, from Namibia (Cape Cross) to Cape Province (Algoa Bay), and S Madagascar; S Australia and New Zealand; N Peru and S Brazil (São Paulo) S to Tierra del Fuego, and Falkland Is; subantarctic islands and Antarctica.