Rollers (Coraciidae)

Indian Roller (Coracias benghalensis) - HBW 6, p. 371

French: Rollier indien German: Hinduracke Spanish: Carraca India
Other common names: Blue Jay(!)

Taxonomy: Corvus benghalensis Linnaeus, 1758, Bengal (= Madras).
Most closely allied congener is perhaps C. caudatus. May be closely related to C. temminckii. Race affinis sometimes given full species status, but intergrades with nominate race. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • benghalensis (Linnaeus, 1758) - E Iraq and SE Arabia through N Pakistan and E to Bangladesh, S to Maharashtra.
  • indicus Linnaeus, 1766 - C India (from S Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh) S to Sri Lanka.
  • affinis McClelland, 1840 - NE India (Bihar, Assam) E to SC China (S Sichuan, Hainan, Yunnan), and S to peninsular Thailand and Indochina.