Ibisbill (Ibidorhynchidae)

Ibisbill (Ibidorhyncha struthersii) - HBW 3, p. 331

French: Bec-d'ibis tibétain German: Ibisschnabel Spanish: Picoibis

Taxonomy: Ibidorhyncha Struthersii Vigors, 1832, Himalayas.
Sometimes placed within Recurvirostridae, usually in its own separate subfamily, Ibidorhynchinae; alternatively, on occasion, linked with Haematopodidae. Monotypic.

Distribution: SE Kazakhstan S to Kashmir and E through NW China, Tibet and NE India to EC & NE China. Occurs mainly in major mountain systems of C Asia, from Dzhungar Alatau S through Tien Shan, Pamir-Alay system, Hindu Kush and Karakoram to Himalayas, and E through Xinjiang, Kunlun Shan, Tibet-Qinghai Plateau, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh to SW Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi and Sichuan; main wintering range extends slightly further S of Himalayas.