Larks (Alaudidae)

Hume's Lark (Calandrella acutirostris) - HBW 9, p. 585

French: Alouette de Hume German: Tibetlerche Spanish: Terrera de Hume
Other common names: Hume’s Short-toed Lark, Slender-billed Lark

Taxonomy: Calandrella acutirostris Hume, 1873, Sughet Pass, south-west Xinjiang, China.
May form a superspecies with C. brachydactyla, C. cinerea, C. blanfordi and C. erlangeri. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • acutirostris Hume, 1873 - breeds NE Iran E to S Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and extreme W China (W Xinjiang); winters mainly Pakistan and NW India.
  • tibetana W. E. Brooks, 1880 - breeds NE Pakistan and NW India E across Tibetan Plateau to C China (S Gansu, extreme W Ningxia & NW Sichuan) and S to Nepal and Sikkim; winters N Indian Subcontinent.

  •      No sound recordings available yet