Herons (Ardeidae)

Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) - HBW 1, p. 405

French: Héron cendré German: Graureiher Spanish: Garza Real

Taxonomy: Ardea cinerea Linnaeus, 1758, Europe; restricted to Sweden.
Forms superspecies with A. herodias and A. cocoi. Four subspecies generally recognized. Race monicae recently considered separate species by some authors.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • cinerea Linnaeus, 1758 - most of Palearctic, thinly through Africa, India and Sri Lanka.
  • jouyi Clark, 1907 - Japan to N Burma and S to Java.
  • firasa Hartert, 1917 - Madagascar.
  • monicae Jouanin & Roux, 1963 - islands off Banc d'Arguin, Mauritania.