Australasian Robins (Petroicidae)

Grey-headed Robin (Heteromyias cinereifrons) - HBW 12, p. 468

French: Miro à tête grise German: Graustirn-Farnschnäpper Spanish: Petroica Cabecigrís
Other common names: Ashy-fronted Robin/Flyrobin, Grey-headed/Ground Thicket-flycatcher

Taxonomy: Poecilodryas ? cinereifrons E. P. Ramsay, 1876, near Cardwell, Rockingham Bay, Queensland, Australia.
Genus often subsumed in Poecilodryas. Closely allied to and sometimes considered conspecific with H. albispecularis; further research required. Monotypic.

Distribution: Highlands of NE Queensland (from Mt Amos S to Mt Spec), in N Australia.