Babblers (Timaliidae)

Grey-chested Kakamega (Kakamega poliothorax) - HBW 12, p. 289

French: Kakameg à poitrine grise German: Graubrust-Drosseltimalie Spanish: Tordina de Kakamega
Other common names: Grey-chested Akalat/Illadopsis/Babbler/Thrush-babbler

Taxonomy: Alethe poliothorax Reichenow, 1900, Bangwa [c. 5º15¢ N 10º25¢ E], Cameroon.
Affinities uncertain. Has been placed in genus Malacocincla, and possibly belongs in Modulatrix; recent molecular research indicates possible relationship with the sugarbirds (Promeropidae), whereas some evidence suggests that it may belong in the thrush family (Turdidae). More study needed. Despite fragmented distribution, geographical variation virtually non-existent. Monotypic.

Distribution: SE Nigeria, W Cameroon and Bioko I (Fernando Póo); E DRCongo, W Uganda, SW Rwanda, W Burundi and W Kenya.

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