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Tanagers (Thraupidae)

Green-naped Tanager (Tangara fucosa) - HBW 16, p. 236

French: Calliste à nuque verte German: Grünnackentangare Spanish: Tangara Nuquiverde

Taxonomy: Tangara fucosus Nelson, 1912, Mount Pirre, 5000 feet [c. 1520 m], Panama.
Molecular-genetic data indicate that this species, T. nigroviridis, T. dowii and T. vassorii form a species group, with last-mentioned basal to the other three. Present species has been considered conspecific with T. dowii, the two being similar in vocalizations, behaviour and habitat preference. Monotypic.

Distribution: Mountains of E Panama on Cerro Pirre, the Serranía de Jungurudó, and Cerro Malí (near Cerro Tacarcuna), and Panama–Colombia border on Cerro Tacarcuna; one sight record in NW Colombia on Cerro Tacarcuna (R Tigre).

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