Leafbirds (Chloropseidae)

Greater Green Leafbird (Chloropsis sonnerati) - HBW 10, p. 263

French: Verdin de Sonnerat German: Dickschnabel-Blattvogel Spanish: Verdín de Sonnerat
Other common names: Greater/Malachite-shouldered Leafbird

Taxonomy: Chloropsis Sonnerati Jardine and Selby, 1827, Java.
Named race parvirostris, from Nias I (off W Sumatra), merged with zosterops, as its bill characters fall within range of variation of mainland populations. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • zosterops Vigors, 1830 - S Myanmar (C Tenasserim) and SW Thailand S to Sumatra and satellites, E to N Natuna group and Borneo.
  • sonnerati Jardine & Selby, 1827 - Java.