Birds-of-paradise (Paradisaeidae)

Greater Bird-of-paradise (Paradisaea apoda) - HBW 14, p. 487

French: Paradisier grand-émeraude German: Großer Paradiesvogel Spanish: Ave-del-paraíso Esmeralda Grande
Other common names: Great Bird-of-paradise

Taxonomy: Paradisaea apoda Linnaeus, 1758, India; error = Aru Islands, New Guinea.
Genus name sometimes spelt Paradisea (see page 46). Has been suggested to form a superspecies with P. minor, P. raggiana, P. decora and P. rubra. Hybridization with P. raggiana recorded; mixed leks including hybrid males found in S New Guinea. Race novaeguineae has been considered undiagnosable by some authors, who treat present species as monotypic. Two subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • novaeguineae D'Albertis & Salvadori, 1879 - mainland S New Guinea from Timika E to Fly/Strickland watershed.
  • apoda Linnaeus, 1758 - Aru Is.