Starlings (Sturnidae)

Great Myna (Acridotheres grandis) - HBW 14, p. 732

French: Grand Martin German: Kragenstar Spanish: Miná Grande
Other common names: Buffalo Myna, Thai Crested Myna, Orange-billed Jungle Myna

Taxonomy: Acridotheres grandis F. Moore, 1858, Sumatra; error = Bangkok, Thailand.
May form a superspecies with A. javanicus and often considered conspecific; has also been considered conspecific with A. fuscus. Proposed race infuscatus (described from lower R Chindwin, in W Myanmar) regarded as inseparable from individuals in rest of species' range. Monotypic.

Distribution: NE India (S Assam, Nagaland and Manipur) and SE Bangladesh E to Myanmar and S China (W & S Yunnan, SW Guangxi), S to N peninsular Thailand and Indochina.