Broadbills (Eurylaimidae)

Grauer's Broadbill (Pseudocalyptomena graueri) - HBW 8, p. 92

French: Eurylaime de Grauer German: Blaukehl-Breitrachen Spanish: Eurilaimo de Grauer
Other common names: African Green Broadbill

Taxonomy: Pseudocalyptomena graueri Rothschild, 1909, 50 miles [80 km] west of Russisi, north of Lake Tanganyika, 2000 m, east Zaire.
The populations in Zaire and Uganda, respectively, were once thought to represent geographical races, separable by bill width, but the difference now considered to be due to individual variation; they do, however, exhibit apparent differences in ecology and behaviour, and further study may demonstrate that they merit taxonomic separation. Monotypic.

Distribution: E Zaire (Itombwe Mts; Mt Kahuzi, W of L Kivu) and W Uganda (Bwindi-Impenetrable Forest).

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