Whistlers (Pachycephalidae)

Gilbert's Whistler (Pachycephala inornata) - HBW 12, p. 412

French: Siffleur de Gilbert German: Schwarzzügel-Dickkopf Spanish: Silbador de Gilbert
Other common names: Black-lored/Red-throated Whistler, Red-throated Thickhead

Taxonomy: Pachycephala inornata Gould, 1841, “belts of the Murray”, South Australia, Australia.
Probably closest to P. olivacea and P. rufogularis, and all three sometimes combined in subgenus Timixos; has been suggested that these three species represent one of the earlier lineages in the genus. Plumage varies clinally, lower underparts rich ochraceous buff in W and becoming colder and greyish-white towards E, but individual variation also evident; birds from lightly timbered and mallee areas of SW Australia (E at least to Nullarbor Plain) described as a geographical race, gilberti, but considered to represent part of cline. Monotypic.

Distribution: Mallee tracts of SW Western Australia (except corner) E to NW & N Victoria and C New South Wales.