Whistlers (Pachycephalidae)

Fawn-breasted Whistler (Pachycephala orpheus) - HBW 12, p. 417

French: Siffleur orphée German: Orpheusdickkopf Spanish: Silbador de Timor
Other common names: Timor/Sunda Whistler

Taxonomy: Pachycephala orpheus Jardine, 1849, Timor.
A member of a species group that includes also P. nudigula, P. meyeri, P. soror, P. lorentzi, P. schlegelii, P. implicata, P. pectoralis, P. caledonica, P. jacquinoti, P. flavifrons, P. melanura and P. aurea. Proposed race wetterensis (from Wetar) regarded as insufficiently differentiated from populations elsewhere in range to warrant recognition. Monotypic.

Distribution: Wetar and Timor (including Jaco and Semau), in E Lesser Sundas.

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