Bush-shrikes (Malaconotidae)

Fülleborn's Boubou (Laniarius fuelleborni) - HBW 14, p. 100

French: Gonolek de Fülleborn German: Füllebornwürger Spanish: Bubú de Fülleborn
Other common names: (Fülleborn's) Black Boubou, Sooty Boubou(!)

Taxonomy: Dryoscopus fülleborni Reichenow, 1900, Usafua, north of Lake Nyasa, south Tanzania.
Has often been treated as conspecific with L. poensis, but the two differ in plumage (particularly of juvenile), in bill size and vocally. Recent genetic studies strongly suggest that the two, although more closely allied to each other than to the other black boubous (L. leucorhynchus and L. funebris), are not conspecific and do not form a superspecies. Slightly smaller and slatier-coloured birds from Uluguru Mts described as race ulugurensis, but seem barely distinguishable from usambaricus. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • usambaricus Rand, 1957 - Eastern Arc mountains (Usambaras, Ngurus, Ukagurus, Ulugurus), in Tanzania.
  • fuelleborni ( Reichenow, 1900) - Tanzania S of Uluguru Mts, N Malawi and extreme E Zambia (Nyika Plateau).