Old World Flycatchers (Muscicapidae)

European Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca) - HBW 11, p. 129

French: Gobemouche noir German: Trauerschnäpper Spanish: Papamoscas Cerrojillo
Other common names: Pied/Western Pied Flycatcher

Taxonomy: Motacilla hypoleuca Pallas, 1764, Holland.
Sometimes placed in genus Muscicapa; if such treatment followed, the name sibirica becomes preoccupied, and substitute name tomensis must be used for this race. Hybridizes with F. albicollis in areas of sympatry in C & E Europe. Has been suggested that race speculigera should be elevated to species rank. Race iberiae sometimes considered unwarranted, being merely an intergrade between latter and nominate. Race sibirica intergrades with nominate over large areas in E Europe. Four subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • hypoleuca (Pallas, 1764) - breeds W, N & C Europe from Britain and Scandinavia E to W Russia (Ural Mts), S to W France, N Italy, former Yugoslavia and Bulgaria; non-breeding W & WC Africa.
  • sibirica Khakhlov, 1915 - breeds W & SC Siberia (E to upper R Yenisei); non-breeding W and WC Africa.
  • iberiae (Witherby, 1928) - breeds Iberian Peninsula; non-breeding W Africa.
  • speculigera (Bonaparte, 1850) - breeds NW Africa (mountains from N Morocco S to High Atlas and E to N Tunisia); non-breeding W Africa, where recorded only in N Senegal (possibly only passage migrant) and Ivory Coast.