Hummingbirds (Trochilidae)

Esmeraldas Woodstar (Chaetocercus berlepschi) - HBW 5, p. 678

French: Colibri de Berlepsch German: Esmeraldaselfe Spanish: Colibrí de Esmeraldas

Taxonomy: Chætocercus Berlepschi Simon, 1889, Ecuador.
Usually placed in genus Acestrura, along with C. mulsant, C. bombus, C. heliodor and C. astreans, but no evidence in external morphology justifies treatment in a genus separate from C. jourdanii. “C. harterti”, known only from type specimen from Colombia, may be of hybrid origin. Monotypic.

Distribution: Pacific slope of Andes of W Ecuador (Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas).

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