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Larks (Alaudidae)

Dune Lark (Calendulauda erythrochlamys) - HBW 9, p. 560

French: Alouette à dos roux German: Rotdünenlerche Spanish: Alondra de las Dunas
Other common names: Aristida Lark, Red-backed Lark

Taxonomy: Alauda erythrochlamys Strickland, 1853, near Walvis Bay, Damaraland, Namibia.
Forms a superspecies with C. burra, C. albescens and C. barlowi; is sister-species to last of those, and no known range overlap between the two. Monotypic.

Distribution: WC Namibia: between R Kuiseb (Walvis Bay) and R Koichab (Lüderitz).