Finches (Fringillidae)

Desert Finch (Rhodospiza obsoleta) - HBW 15, p. 579

French: Roselin de Lichtenstein German: Weißflügelgimpel Spanish: Camachuelo Desertícola
Other common names: Black-billed/Lichtenstein's (Desert) Finch

Taxonomy: Fringilla obsoleta M. H. C. Lichtenstein, 1823, Kara-ata, near Bukhara, Uzbekistan.
Genus previously subsumed within Rhodopechys, but molecular-genetic analysis indicates no molecular relationship with latter genus, and this species appears to have closer affinities with greenfinches in genus Carduelis. Monotypic.

Distribution: SC & SE Turkey, Israel and NE Egypt (Sinai) E to C Jordan, N Iraq, N Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkmenistan, C, S & E Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, NW & N China (Xinjiang E to Inner Mongolia and Gansu), S to N Afghanistan and W Pakistan (Baluchistan); winters also to Syria, S Afghanistan and N Pakistan (Chitral & North-West Frontier Province).