Ovenbirds (Furnariidae)

Des Murs's Wiretail (Sylviorthorhynchus desmursii) - HBW 8, p. 268

French: Synallaxe de Des Murs German: Fadenschwanzschlüpfer Spanish: Tijeral Colilargo
Other common names: Des Murs’s Spinetail

Taxonomy: Sylviorthorhynchus Desmursii Des Murs, 1847, province of Valdivia, particularly near Corral, Chile.
General morphology and tail structure suggest possible relationship to Schizoeaca, and nests are at least superficially similar. Monotypic.

Distribution: C & S Chile from Aconcagua S to N Magallanes (including Chiloé I and other near-shore islands) and extreme W Argentina (Neuquén S to Santa Cruz).