Woodpeckers (Picidae)

Cuban Green Woodpecker (Xiphidiopicus percussus) - HBW 7, p. 454

French: Pic poignardé German: Blutfleckspecht Spanish: Carpintero Tajá
Other common names: Cuban Woodpecker

Taxonomy: Picus percussus Temminck, 1826, Cuba.
Distinctive, with no very close relatives. Four additional races have been named, but species exhibits considerable variation in size and coloration throughout range, and much overlap in characters among different populations; thus, described races monticola (E Cuba) and cocoensis (Cayo Coco and nearby cays) are regarded as synonyms of nominate race, and gloriae (Cantiles Keys) and marthae (Cayo Caballones) as synonyms of insulaepinorum. Two subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • percussus (Temminck, 1826) - Cuba, including archipelagos of Sabana and Camagüey.
  • insulaepinorum Bangs, 1910 - I of Pines, Cantiles Keys and Archipiélago Jardines de la Reina (Cayo Caballones).