Ducks, Geese and Swans (Anatidae)

Crested Duck (Anas specularioides) - HBW 1, p. 608

French: Canard huppé German: Schopfente Spanish: Anade Juarjal

Taxonomy: Anas specularioides King, 1828, Strait of Magellan.
A species of disputed affinities, it is often isolated in monospecific genus Lophonetta, and sometimes placed near Tadorna, though apparently its closest living relative is A. specularis. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • alticola Ménégaux, 1909 - Andes from S Peru to N Argentina.
  • specularioides King, 1828 - C Chile and W Argentina S to Tierra del Fuego; Falkland Is.