Ovenbirds (Furnariidae)

Cordoba Cinclodes (Cinclodes comechingonus) - HBW 8, p. 254

French: Cinclode gris German: Rostspitzen-Uferwipper Spanish: Remolinera de Córdoba
Other common names: Chestnut-winged/Comechingones/Sierran Cinclodes

Taxonomy: Cinclodes comechingonus Zotta and Gavio, 1944, Sierras de Comechingones, 2400 m, 7 km west of La Paz, Córdoba, Argentina.
Has been thought by some to form a superspecies with C. fuscus and C. pabsti; often treated as conspecific with former, with no evident overlap in breeding ranges. Monotypic.

Distribution: NC Argentina (Córdoba, NE San Luis, and recently found in Mendoza); in non-breeding season occurs N to E Tucumán and N Santiago del Estero.

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