Rails, Gallinules and Coots (Rallidae)

Common Coot (Fulica atra) - HBW 3, p. 205

French: Foulque macroule German: Bläßhuhn Spanish: Focha Común
Other common names: (Eurasian/Black) Coot

Taxonomy: Fulica atra Linnaeus, 1758, Sweden.
Forms superspecies with F. cristata, F. alai, F. americana, F. caribaea, F. leucoptera and F. ardesiaca. Four subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • atra Linnaeus, 1758 - Europe, N Africa, Azores and Canaries E through C Asia to Japan and S to Indian Subcontinent and Sri Lanka; winters S to W & NE Africa, SE Asia and Philippines.
  • lugubris S. Müller, 1847 - E Java (formerly?) and NW New Guinea.
  • novaeguinea Rand, 1940 - C New Guinea.
  • australis Gould, 1845 - Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.