Cisticolas and Allies (Cisticolidae)

Chirping Cisticola (Cisticola pipiens) - HBW 11, p. 450

French: Cisticole pépiante German: Sumpfzistensänger Spanish: Cistícola Gorjeador

Taxonomy: Cisticola pipiens Lynes, 1930, Huambo, Benguela, Angola.
Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • pipiens Lynes, 1930 - W Angola.
  • congo Lynes, 1936 - Burundi, S DRCongo, E Angola, Zambia and extreme SW Tanzania.
  • arundicola Clancey, 1969 - SE Angola, SW Zambia, NE Namibia, N Botswana and extreme NW Zimbabwe.

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