Pheasants and Partridges (Phasianidae)

Chestnut-necklaced Hill-partridge (Arborophila charltonii) - HBW 2, p. 521

French: Torquéole à poitrine châtaine German: Charltonbuschwachtel Spanish: Arborófila Pechicastaña
Other common names: Chestnut-breasted Hill-partridge(!), Chestnut-necklaced Tree-partridge/ Partridge

Taxonomy: Perdix Charltonii Eyton, 1845, Malacca.
Sometimes placed in genus Tropicoperdix. Probably forms superspecies with A. chloropus and A. merlini, both of which have been considered races of present species; taxonomy of these three forms poorly understood and requires revision; A. chloropus tonkinensis appears to be intermediate, and may actually belong with present species; validity of race atjenensis has been questioned. Three subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • charltonii (Eyton, 1845) - S Thailand and S Burma to Peninsular Malaysia.
  • atjenensis Meyer de Schauensee & Ripley, 1940 - Aceh, N Sumatra; old records from S Sumatra.
  • graydoni (Sharpe & Chubb, 1906) - Sabah, NE Borneo.