Swifts (Apodidae)

Cassin's Spinetail (Neafrapus cassini) - HBW 5, p. 439

French: Martinet de Cassin German: Cassinsegler Spanish: Vencejo de Cassin
Other common names: Cassin’s Spine-tailed Swift

Taxonomy: Chætura cassini P. L. Sclater, 1863, Gabon.
Genus formerly merged with Chaetura or Mearnsia. Race brevicauda of Bipindi (Cameroon) has been recognized but consistent geographical variation is lacking in this species. Monotypic.

Distribution: E Sierra Leone and Liberia to Ghana, and SW Nigeria to Cabinda (extreme N Angola); Bioko I; also extreme ECongo through N Zaire and SW Central African Republic to W Uganda.

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