Plovers (Charadriidae)

Caspian Plover (Charadrius asiaticus) - HBW 3, p. 438

French: Pluvier asiatique German: Wermutregenpfeifer Spanish: Chorlitejo asiático Chico
Other common names: Caspian Sandplover, Lesser Oriental Plover

Taxonomy: Charadrius asiaticus Pallas, 1773, salt-lakes of the South Tartar Steppes.
Sometimes placed in genus Eupoda. Forms superspecies with C. veredus, and possibly with C. montanus; formerly treated as conspecific with C. veredus. Monotypic.

Distribution: W, N & E Caspian Sea E to L Alakol and L Zaysan, E Kazakhstan, and extreme NW Xinjiang, NW China. Winters in E & S Africa.

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