Babblers (Timaliidae)

Capuchin Babbler (Phyllanthus atripennis) - HBW 12, p. 228

French: Phyllanthe capucin German: Schwarzflügeltimalie Spanish: Charlatán Capuchino

Taxonomy: Crateropus atripennis Swainson, 1837, Senegal.
Race rubiginosus is reported to intergrade with bohndorffi eastwards from Nigeria towards Central African Republic, in zone where precise distribution is unclear and very local. Central populations formerly known as haynesi but this name is a junior synonym of rubiginosus. Three subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • atripennis (Swainson, 1837) - Gambia and Senegal S to Liberia.
  • rubiginosus (Blyth, 1865) - S Ivory Coast E to C & S Nigeria and W Cameroon.
  • bohndorffi (Sharpe, 1884) - S Central African Republic and NE DRCongo E to SW Uganda.