Pipits and Wagtails (Motacillidae)

Cape Longclaw (Macronyx capensis) - HBW 9, p. 772

French: Sentinelle du Cap German: Kappieper Spanish: Bisbita de El Cabo
Other common names: Orange-throated Longclaw

Taxonomy: Alauda capensis Linnaeus, 1766, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
Genus probably closely related to Tmetothylacus and Hemimacronyx. Races stabilior and colletti merged by some authors. Proposed race latimerae (Eastern Cape) included within colletti. Three subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • stabilior Clancey, 1952 - Zimbabwe (C plateau E to Inyanga Mts) and adjacent Mozambique.
  • colletti Schou, 1908 - extreme SE Botswana, E South Africa (Northern and C North-west Provinces S to N Eastern Cape), Swaziland and Lesotho.
  • capensis (Linnaeus, 1766) - coastal belt of SW & S South Africa.