Hornbills (Bucerotidae)

Bushy-crested Hornbill (Anorrhinus galeritus) - HBW 6, p. 491

French: Calao largup German: Kurzschopf-Hornvogel Spanish: Cálao Crestado
Other common names: Buffy-crested Hornbill

Taxonomy: Buceros galeritus Temminck, 1831, Pontianak, Borneo.
Has been considered distinct from congeners and thus treated as sole member of genus, with A. austeni and A. tickelli then placed in Ptilolaemus. Birds from S Myanmar and Malay Peninsula sometimes separated as race carinatus and those from Borneo as minor, but neither seems sufficiently distinct. Monotypic.

Distribution: Extreme S Myanmar and S Thailand S through Peninsular Malaysia to Sumatra, and N Natuna Is and Borneo.