Orioles (Oriolidae)

Brown Oriole (Oriolus szalayi) - HBW 13, p. 716

French: Loriot papou German: Grantpirol Spanish: Oropéndola Papú
Other common names: Striated/New Guinea Oriole

Taxonomy: Mimeta szalayi Madarász, 1901, Finschhafen, Huon Gulf, north-east New Guinea.
Forms a superspecies with O. phaeochromus, O. forsteni, O. bouroensis, O. melanotis and O. sagittatus, all of which, together with more distantly related O. flavocinctus, were formerly placed in the alternative genus Mimeta on basis of skull characteristics. Monotypic.

Distribution: New Guinea and West Papuan Is (Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, Misool).

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