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Jacamars (Galbulidae)

Bronzy Jacamar (Galbula leucogastra) - HBW 7, p. 100

French: Jacamar à ventre blanc German: Bronzeglanzvogel Spanish: Jacamará Bronceado

Taxonomy: Galbula leucogastra Vieillot, 1817, South America = Cayenne.
Forms a superspecies with G. chalcothorax. Sometimes regarded as conspecific, but geographical isolation and apparently stable morphological differences support treatment as separate species. Thought to have hybridized with G. galbula in Surinam. Birds from R Tapajós, Brazil, described as race viridissima on basis of greener plumage, but this character is difficult to assess, and colour apparently falls within range of individual variation shown elsewhere in species’ range. Monotypic.

Distribution: S Venezuela (S Bolívar, Amazonas), the Guianas and Brazil (from upper R Negro and R Purús E to R Madeira and R Tapajós) S to Rondônia, Mato Grosso and N Bolivia (Pando).