Coursers and Pratincoles (Glareolidae)

Bronze-winged Courser (Rhinoptilus chalcopterus) - HBW 3, p. 379

French: Courvite à ailes bronzées German: Amethystrennvogel Spanish: Corredor Patirrojo
Other common names: Violet-tipped Courser

Taxonomy: Cursorius chalcopterus Temminck, 1824, Senegal.
Sometimes included in Cursorius. Probably closest to R. bitorquatus of India with which may form superspecies; shares similar lightly wooded habitat. Birds from Tanzania S to South Africa sometimes racially separated as albofasciatus. Monotypic.

Distribution: Senegal across Sahelian region to S Sudan and W Ethiopia, thence S to Kenya, Tanzania, S Zaire and Angola, and to N & E parts of South Africa.

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