Whydahs and Indigobirds (Viduidae)

Broad-tailed Paradise-whydah (Vidua obtusa) - HBW 15, p. 221

French: Veuve de Chapin German: Breitschwanzwitwe Spanish: Viuda Coliancha
Other common names: Broad-tailed Paradise Widow, Chapin's Paradise Whydah

Taxonomy: Steganura aucupum obtusa Chapin, 1922, Luchenza, Malawi.
Formerly considered conspecific with V. paradisaea, V. orientalis, V. interjecta and V. togoensis, and all sometimes placed in a separate genus Steganura. Molecular-genetic data, however, indicate that present species and V. paradisaea are sister-species, using different host species and differing in song. Monotypic.

Distribution: C Kenya (old record); S & E DRCongo, N, C & SE Angola, Tanzania (except NE), Zambia, Malawi, NW & S Mozambique, Botswana (Chobe), NE Namibia (Caprivi), N & SE Zimbabwe and locally in N South Africa.

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