Tanagers (Thraupidae)

Blue-whiskered Tanager (Tangara johannae) - HBW 16, p. 218

French: Calliste moustachu German: Blaubarttangare Spanish: Tangara Bigotuda

Taxonomy: Calliste johannae de Dalmas, 1900, El Paillon [= Estero Pailón], near Buenaventura, Valle, Colombia.
Genetic data indicate that this species is part of a monophyletic species group that includes also T. schrankii, T. florida, T. arthus, T. icterocephala, T. xanthocephala, T. chrysotis and T. parzudakii. Monotypic.

Distribution: Colombia (W slope of W Andes from Mutatá, in W Antioquia, and C Chocó) S to W Ecuador (Pichincha, once to Los Ríos).

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