Monarch-flycatchers (Monarchidae)

Blue-headed Paradise-flycatcher (Trochocercus nitens) - HBW 11, p. 285

French: Tchitrec noir German: Glanzhaubenschn├Ąpper Spanish: Monarca Brillante

Taxonomy: Trochocercus nitens Cassin, 1859, Camma River, Gabon.
Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • reichenowi Sharpe, 1904 - Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, S Ivory Coast, S Ghana and Togo.
  • nitens Cassin, 1859 - S Nigeria, W & S Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon and W PRCongo S to NW Angola, also S Sudan S to W, S & E DRCongo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

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