Cardinals (Cardinalidae)

Blue-black Grosbeak (Cyanocompsa cyanoides) - HBW 16, p. 423

French: Évêque bleu-noir German: Stahlbischof Spanish: Picogrueso Negriazul
Other common names: Rothschild’s Grosbeak (rothschildii)

Taxonomy: Coccoborus cyanoides Lafresnaye, 1847, Panama.
Genus sometimes subsumed in Passerina; subspecific name caerulescens then becomes preoccupied, and replaced by toddi. Race rothschildii considered by some authors to represent a different species. Four subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • concreta (du Bus de Gisignies, 1855) - SE Mexico (Veracruz and N Oaxaca E to S Yucatán Peninsula), N Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.
  • caerulescens Todd, 1923 - Nicaragua S to W Panama.
  • cyanoides (Lafresnaye, 1847) - C & E Panama, NW Venezuela and N & W Colombia S (W of E Andes) to NW Peru (Tumbes).
  • rothschildii (E. Bartlett, 1890) - N, E & S Venezuela and the Guianas S to E Colombia, E Ecuador, E Peru, Brazil (S to N Mato Grosso and N Maranhão) and N & E Bolivia.