Tanagers (Thraupidae)

Black-throated Shrike-tanager (Lanio aurantius) - HBW 16, p. 183

French: Tangara à gorge noire German: Schwarzkehl-Würgertangare Spanish: Tangara Gorjinegra
Other common names: Great Shrike-tanager

Taxonomy: Lanio Aurantius Lafresnaye, 1846, Colombia; error = Guatemala.
May form a superspecies with L. leucothorax, and in the past often treated as conspecific. Recent molecular data indicate that the divergence between the two is only 0·9%; their geographical distributions are discrete (although approach each other in Honduras), and the two differ mainly in some plumage characteristics; they perhaps represent a recent speciation event combined with rapid plumage divergence. Monotypic.

Distribution: Caribbean slope of SE Mexico (from C Veracruz) E to lower Yucatán Peninsula, S to N & C Guatemala, Belize and Honduras (E to vicinity of La Ceiba).

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