Cisticolas and Allies (Cisticolidae)

Black-tailed Cisticola (Cisticola melanurus) - HBW 11, p. 457

French: Cisticole à queue noire German: Schwarzschwanz-Zistensänger Spanish: Cistícola Colinegro
Other common names: Angola/Pearson’s/Slender-tailed Cisticola

Taxonomy: Dryodromas melanurus Cabanis, 1882, Mona Quimbundo, Lunda, Province, Angola.
Affinities uncertain; sometimes placed in genus Apalis because of its plain, strongly graduated tail. On other hand, is similar to C. angusticauda, and has been suggested as being conspecific with this species; differs from others of present genus in having thickened, melanized shafts of outer primaries (especially male), and greatly reduced outermost primary. Monotypic.

Distribution: NE Angola and SE DRCongo.

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