Larks (Alaudidae)

Black-eared Sparrow-lark (Eremopterix australis) - HBW 9, p. 571

French: Moinelette à oreillons noirs German: Schwarzwangenlerche Spanish: Terrera Orejinegra
Other common names: Black-eared Finch-lark, Grey-backed Sparrow-lark(!)

Taxonomy: Megalotis australis A. Smith, 1836, Colesberg, Orange River, Northern Cape, South Africa.
Typically considered to be an outlier within Eremopterix, because of its unusual plumage; whether this reflects a basal position within the genus is unclear. Monotypic.

Distribution: S Namibia (S from N Namaqualand), extreme SW Botswana (Kalahari-Gemsbok National Park) and W half of South Africa (Great Karoo).

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