Ground-antbirds (Formicariidae)

Black-crowned Antpitta (Pittasoma michleri) - HBW 8, p. 731

French: Grallaire à tête noire German: Schwarzscheitel-Ameisenpitta Spanish: Tororoí Capinegro
Other common names: Michler’s Antpitta

Taxonomy: Pittasoma Michleri Cassin, 1860, Río Truando, Colombia.
Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • zeledoni Ridgway, 1884 - Caribbean Costa Rica and Panama.
  • michleri Cassin, 1860 - Pacific coast of Panama (from Veraguas) E to NW Colombia (N Chocó).

  •      No sound recordings available yet