Cardinals (Cardinalidae)

Black-cowled Saltator (Saltator nigriceps) - HBW 16, p. 418

French: Saltator à capuchon German: Schwarzgesichtsaltator Spanish: Pepitero Capuchinegro

Taxonomy: Pitylus nigriceps Chapman, 1914, Loja, 7000 feet [c. 2130 m], Ecuador.
Affiliations of genus uncertain; recent molecular-genetic analyses indicate that it does not belong with present family, and may be better placed with tanagers (Thraupidae). Present species sometimes treated as conspecific with S. aurantiirostris, but appears to differ vocally; closely allied also with S.maxillosus. Mono­typic.

Distribution: S Ecuador (El Oro and Loja) and NW Peru (Piura, extreme E Lambayeque and Cajamarca).