Chachalacas, Guans and Curassows (Cracidae)

Bearded Guan (Penelope barbata) - HBW 2, p. 347

French: Pénélope barbue German: Bartguan Spanish: Pava Barbuda

Taxonomy: Penelope barbata Chapman, 1921, Taraguacocha, Cordillera de Chilla, Ecuador.
Often considered a race of P. argyrotis, with which forms superspecies (see page 313). Recently suggested to be race of P. montagnii. Peruvian population has been awarded separate race, inexpectata, but validity doubtful, as distinguishing characters of plumage, especially vermiculated belly, also reported in recent specimens from Ecuador, and may be an immature feature. Monotypic.

Distribution: S Ecuador and adjacent NW Peru.